The IM series of resin-encased vertical centrifugal pumps features high-performance pumps for fixed installations with pump immersed directly in the tank and operated by a direct-drive electric motor (max 3000 rpm) for fast fluid drainage with flow rates ranging from 6 to 75 m³/h and head up to 38 mt.
The special design of this type of pump avoids the use of internal mechanical seals (subject to heavy wear) and ensures that any accidental spillages are collected in the tank.
The open impeller allows continuous pumping even with very dirty liquids having apparent viscosity of up to 500 cps (at 20°C) and small suspended solids.
The choice of pump construction materials allows selection of optimum chemical compatibility with the fluid and/or environment without neglecting the temperature range.


Main features



Description of the pump


Debem resin-encased vertical centrifugal pumps consist of a solid pump casing and a column fitted to the baseplate supporting the lantern that in turn supports the electric motor. The direct-drive motor is connected by a flexible coupling on the pump shaft. The open impeller is fitted to the other end of the shaft that is supported by a radial bearing. This pump’s special design allows the motor to be stripped without the need to disconnect the pump from the system.


A = electric motor
B = drive coupling
C = lantern
D = radial bearing
E = outer column
F = shaft sleeve
G = ceramic bushing
H = impeller
I = delivery duct
L = intake duct
M = bushing

How it works


The impeller is integral with the shaft and direct-drive electric motor and is rotated at a preset speed with the centrifugal effect producing suction on the intake side and discharge on the delivery side.